Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where to find the cheapest panties

I spent hours looking for the best place to buy panties. I didn't want ten dollar panties because I wanted to buy at least ten panties. To my surprise it is hard to find a good deal on a pack of them or even individually. You can find bulk panties from China on Ebay, but chances are they will look cheap and they will most likely restrict orders to Paypal payments. I ordered two lingerie pieces from an Ebay company called YaFee, and their items were less than $10 each. I got what I paid for and decided to search for a company that makes cheap items look good. I also wanted to find a site that allows me to pay with a card rather than Paypal.

Several sites, such as Pantiesforless and Alibaba, had bad reviews which left me with one final decision: Yandy. They have a 5 for $20 panty sale, which I assume lasts forever. There is a huge selection of panties and thongs to choose from and it seems they are always coming up with new items. Many of the items in size S are sold out, but there are so many choices that you are likely to find something in the end. The best thing about buying with them is that they give you a free panty with your order. When I made my order, customer service emailed me to tell me there was an error with my order because one of the panties was sold out. They informed me that I could tell them what item I wanted to replace it, or they would refund my money for that item if they didn't hear back from me in a certain amount of days. I was glad they emailed me, and as soon as I emailed them back with my replacement selection, they shipped my order. I got my panties in the mail within the next week, and they looked good. It's not like Victoria's Secret, but I was very happy that they didn't look extremely cheap like some of the items I get on Ebay.

I hope this helps you with your panty shopping!

Update! sells panties 5 for $10!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Feminism, Webcam Modeling and Fight Club

Webcam models get a lot of crap about morality and virtue from their non-webcam peers. They also get a lot of crap from their viewers about the right way to look and please. We are treading through a mess of sewage sludge, trying to foster the slightest bit of decency in our lives. Honestly though, I don't feel worried for myself at all.

Most of us at MFC would agree that the ladies with the highest cam scores are fake and bitchy. To quote an anonymous guest on the site, "they treat a 500 token tip as a joke. They make so much money and they don't even appreciate it." For those of you who don't use MFC, 500 tokens is equivalent to $25 for the model. Most cam girls at MFC are happy to receive a 500 token tip, but it doesn't work that way when you have climbed up the ladder of fakeness. The top models want the riches and accept the fact that reality doesn't make as much money in this business. What does the viewer want to see? Well that's what they will get. You want me to use the bigger dildo that makes me sore? Fine.

One thing that puzzles me, however, is that there are so many individuals who want to see me enjoy myself in a private show. They ask me to do whatever I want. This is a bit of a contradiction to me sometimes. As much as I love masturbating, sometimes I'm not in the mood. At these times I'm satisfied with making some money to do what the viewer wants me to do. If I'm going to be used, at least I'm getting paid for it. I realize that at these times my thinking is fucked up. I should appreciate the guys who want to see me enjoy myself. I shouldn't be mad at them for not being the typical sex hungry customer. It's just that I feel like they pity me when they're paying me and they don't even have their own desires of me.

On the other hand, there's one stupid guy who recently came to my chatroom to be a disturbance and a total cliche of what you would expect from a customer. Everything he said was what a typical guy would say in a Hollywood comedy. "Where's your boyfriend, out banging other girls? I'd bang you but I don't want you to get attached. I'm a fuck and go kinda guy." I grew up in a very wholesome town, where guys never talk like this because they don't watch the crap on tv that most of America watches. Then I moved to Orange County where everyone falls for that stupid shit. You know what I'm talking about. MTV's Real World, Keeping up with the Kardashians. It all made me think back to the movie Fight Club, the one film that shuts down all the falseness of American culture. "You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake, you are the same organic decaying matter as everything else." It is a film about cynical men who are trying to find themselves in the midst of being tortured by their stagnant, boring cubicle jobs and false goals. Their answer is to start a fight club where they can finally feel like real men.

I did some research on the movie and found that not only does it speak against our consumerist culture, but it also gives feminists something to think about. Let me quote Jennifer Kesler from :

"Advertising does a lot worse than keep us chasing crap we don’t need so that we’re too busy to actually achieve anything that might overturn the powermongers at the top of the food chain. It has been pandering to the weakest instincts in young men and boys for a couple of generations now. 18-25 year old white boys don’t want to see strong women? Solution: don’t put a strong woman in your movie! For heaven’s sake, don’t show them that a woman can be strong and traditionally 'feminine'."

This speaks to me because I've been dealing with that same guy who comes into my chatroom and seems to believe that women are truly weak. Somehow it turns him on to talk to a woman as if she is just a good fuck. He thinks the woman will chase after him, and he is completely wrong. When I talked to him it was very evident that he was the weak one. Why was he in my room? He wanted to pay me to show him my pussy. Clearly he is not getting any back at home, and he wants to act as if that is his own choice. Maybe he's not confident in himself, so he never goes for the women he wants. So he backs up his ego by telling himself he would rather pay for sex with no strings attached, so that a woman does not grow attached to him. He creates his story to make it seem that I am the weak one for making the profit. The truth is we all need sex, and we all need intimacy.

I am happy to give company to people who are missing it from their lives for whatever reason. Throw away all the fake crap surrounding it, and essentially it's about loneliness and a natural need for release. I'm not going to do everything a guy wants me to do but if what I have to offer is pleasing to someone, there is nothing wrong with giving that to them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

webcam role play

Has your partner ever asked you to do some role play? Are you completely afraid of trying it out? It may seem difficult if you have never tried it, but it is actually quite simple and fun once you open your mind to it. When someone asked me to do role play for the first time, I thought I would need costumes and some story or plot to remember. While costumes are a plus, they are not necessary if you have somewhat of an imagination. Role play serves to spice up your sex life, it's doesn't have to be a theatrical performance. All you need to do is come to an agreement with your partner about what roles you want to carry out, and create some minor details about where you are and what you are doing. For instance, I was once asked to be the best friend's wife. We decided that he was coming by my house to return a movie, and my husband was at work. From there, we let our imaginations run wild. We filled in the blanks for each other whenever we had some ideas. "Oh what a surprise. I didn't expect you to answer the door naked!" he said. You don't have to play out every little detail. Once you get into the scene, you will be so horny your senses will take over.

The great thing about role play is that it can be done on webcam. If you are in a long distance relationship, your sex life might suffer without a little creativity. Try on some roles like teacher-student, cop-criminal, doctor-patient, and if you are on the kinky side, you can try friend-friend's father/mother, brother-sister, etc. 
Here are some more ideas to mix and match:

Poolboy - This role can be very innocent while the other takes on a very sex-hungry and desperate role. Imagine being a lonely housewife who's husband is always out on business trips. I love this role because it really gets me in a needy and eager mood that seems to turn on my partner to the extreme. 

Babysitter- This is for the guys who are children at heart - and let's be honest, most of you are. Take on a curious attitude, innocently brushing your hands against your babysitter's thighs and butt. Let the chemistry take over from there. 

Vampire - We've seen enough vampire movies to play this one out without much difficulty, right? Put on some extra eyeliner and your darkest lipstick and you are ready to go!

Jack and Rose - Everyone knows the story of Jack and Rose in Titanic. It is the ultimate love story. A poor man fighting for the love of an upper class woman as they share their one moment of escape from the rest of the world. 

TV show characters - If there's a show both of you really like to watch, why not use the characters for ideas? The nature of the relationship is already defined for you so you both get the same idea of the scene. For instance my boyfriend really likes the show Naruto, so he played Naruto and I played Sakura. 

Sex can happen anywhere in any circumstance! Think of all the possibilities and make them happen with your mate.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love being an MFC girl

I really had no idea what to expect when I started out with MyFreeCams. I made some mistakes and I'm still learning now. If you're new to MFC I hope this post helps you out a little. I'll tell you how it was for me when I joined, and I'll tell you why I love the site.

First of all, there are tons of regulars who are eager to get to know the newbies. Some of them want to help you, and some of them want to exploit you. They'll probably try to get the first chance to send a private message before you realize you can block messages from people who aren't on your friends list. The best piece of advice I can give when it comes to these people is, make sure to look at their profile to see if other models have nice comments to say about them. There are some who want to record you and use your video on another site for money. Everyone says this is unavoidable, so if you are concerned with this, don't show yourself nude in the free public chat. Most of us decide to forget about the risk because it's easier to get private and group shows if you have your shirt off on the public chat. But there are girls who don't go nude and make money, so it's really up to you.

You will frequently get guys who want you to watch their cam as they jerk off because they haven't figured out that this is your job and you are supposed to make money. My advice is just don't do it! I tell them I like to watch only during private sessions. When you click on a user in your chatroom, you can see how many tokens they have, or if their token level is low, medium, or high. I try not to bother with the users who consistently come in with zero tokens. Sometimes they load up, but others are never going to do it. On the other hand, they might be fun to talk to when you are bored or taking a break from your private shows. That can become a problem if you really like talking! And that's why MFC is so much fun. If the guy doesn't have money, he still has the chance to chat with you in your public chat and you have the chance to make friends who are not only into sex.

There are all sorts of people visiting the site. Rich and poor, young and old, smart and stupid, friendly and mean. For me that's the best part about it. If you've looked at the girls on the site, you will find that it works both ways. I find it entertaining to click through all the girls because we are all so different and unique. There is really no single expectation to live up to as a girl on MFC. Of course, there are the professionals who look like the typical porn star, but they are not the standard. You can be yourself and make money as long as you like to entertain.

Whether you like a laid back atmosphere, or you are in it to win it, the site brings you the viewers you need. On my slowest days I am getting guys who tell me, "I don't know why you only have fifty users watching you." The truth is, I prefer it that way. I can't imagine entertaining a thousand people at once because I like to connect with people. Maybe one day when I am really money hungry, I'll start acting like the top models and ring in hundreds of viewers. For now, having one hundred viewers at a time is working enough to pay for rent. I guess this is my way of saying even the somewhat lazier girls of MFC are able to make an income as long as they enjoy establishing connections with their guests. If you like to have fun, you will have fun on MyFreeCams. It all depends on you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How much can you make as a webcam model?

Every day is different. In the past couple weeks I've had a regular visitor tip me $50 at a time for just chatting in my public room. He's an exception to the typical visitors who beg to see something for nothing, but if you are smart enough you will get regulars like him. I'm not a professional webcam model. I make about $4000 per month, and I don't have enough room in my budget to spend it on a dildo collection or a wardrobe of kinky costumes. If you are a professional you get requests for things you have to pay for. Professionals are also likely to have invested in some plastic surgery. But it seems a good number of us do not want to make those sacrifices in order to make more money. A pro doesn't mind having the occupation define her and self-image. There are those who don't mind that the whole world knows.

For the rest of us, there are customers who want to see real people. Don't get me wrong, I do like getting all kinds of people looking for different goods. The ones who just want to see your naked ass and tits are convenient at times when you just don't feel like talking. However, if you treat this as a full-time job, you might not be too cozy with the idea of penetrating yourself with a dildo for hours upon hours.

I like to maintain a balance between the sex hungry beasts and the innocent friends. Many are somewhere between the two extremes, and they are the ones I search for. Actually, they are the ones who find me because they obviously aren't looking for the typical porn star image if they are in my room - I'm a petite girl with A-cup breasts. These guys are horny people, but they are also looking for something more. They want to get to know you, share their secrets, and laugh with you. Sometimes they are willing to spend more for your time because they want you to be happy. These people are indispensable, as long as you don't lead them on. They will tip you even at that time of month when you have too many cramps to do anything physical.

Regardless of who is coming into your room, you want to take charge and make it clear that you deserve the attention and tips. There are times when I get tired and let the visitors chat amongst themselves while I pretend to chat in a private message, and that's when people start talking about the other models. Always pay attention to your room, as if it is a stage and you are in the spotlight. That is what people are paying to see.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The last day in the life of a stoner

Well, I'm not a complete pothead, but lately I've been under the influence because it's just so much easier for me to talk to people that way. I know I'm not the only one who does this. On the Cam Girl Notes forum I've seen that many girls drink alcohol to get loose for their chat sessions. I know it's not a good habit to get used to, and I've decided to stop. However, there are several reasons that I am tempted to keep smoking.

I've always had a slight anxiety issue when it comes to conversation and it's not much easier to do it online. Recently I started doing Skype sessions, which to me is a bit more intimate and more nerve racking - they talk to me and I'm expected to reply even if I'm totally bewildered. But the guys are more into it and eager to pay for it. What I love about type chatting is that I can take as long as I want to reply to an awkward situation and pretend that I was just occupied with another private message. With Skype, I have no excuses.

Another excuse for my smoking habit is one of my regulars. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found a fling in their chat room to help get by the emotional deadness of the job. You've got to make friends on there in order to keep going. Is it my fault if one of them happens to be really attractive and fun to talk to? He's been coming into my chat more frequently now, and I can't help giving him my attention. Because as much as it's all about the money, I always manage to have some fun. Yesterday I smoked my weed and called him for the first time. I wanted to tell him how sexy he looked when he displayed his manhood to me the other night, but I couldn't. Instead we talked about food, and then I excused myself in fear of the awkward silences. Conversation should be easy for a cam girl. I'm such a disappointment.

I smoked another bowl and found myself in a private chat with a guy who wanted to show me his cam. I was blinded by a man who looked slightly like Mike O'Malley, wearing an Alpine dress that you would see in the Sound of Music or something. He wore bright red lipstick and dark eyeliner to accentuate his baby doll eyes. His studded earrings were a touch of beauty juxtaposed with his shaved head. I watched silently in awe of all the work he did in order to look beautiful. He told me he would do anything I asked, so I went with it and asked him to dance. He strutted his stuff looking so cute and feminine, and I was intrigued. Then he started copying me. Whenever I took a sip from my glass of water, he took a sip from his. He blinked excessively as I do. Suddenly my heart dropped and I felt sick. Being stoned did not help me in this situation. I was paranoid beyond belief, imagining that he was mocking me and being cruel to me. I saw myself in this man who looked so shy and eager to please. What if he was genuinely fulfilling a fantasy? I'll never know. I do know that I have to stop smoking.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Got my Halloween costumes!

I got my Halloween costume in the mail today. Tried it on and it looked awesome! It's a perfect tight fit, almost too small but that's good for this job. It's going to be my first sexy Halloween. I can't wait to click through all the channels to see what all the other mfc girls are doing! They should have a costume contest on mfc since they are so into those things(Miss MyFreeCams). But then again that would be annoying because all us girls are so competitive.

That brings me to my woes over shopping. I'm not normally a serious shopper, but this job makes it pretty necessary to go out and get some new clothes or accessories every week. I feel so boring watching myself wear the same clothes all the time, and I feel like my viewers will get bored too. Many of them will ask you to wear something specific, as if you have a huge closet filled with everything you can imagine. Today I got a guy asking me to wear pastel nail polish and pastel headbands. Yesterday someone asked me to play with cupcakes. I would love to go out and buy everything they request but I am just barely paying off my rent, bills, and singing lessons!

I feel the pressure to keep up with everyone else. I hope the Halloween costume helps! What naughty things are you doing for Halloween?